1996 New Year's Resolutions | 20 Years of the Same Goals

New Year's Resolutions

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I was curious. New Year’s Resolutions always fascinate me since many are made and few are followed. According to an ABC News research poll here are the top five New Year’s resolutions for 2016:
5-Save More-Spend Less
4-Spend More Time with Family and Friends
3-Lose Weight
2-Live a Healthier Lifestyle
1-Enjoy Life to the Fullest
I did some research and here are some New Year’s Resolutions from 1996.
Quit Smoking
Eat Better
Lose Weight
Join the gym
Find Love
Enjoy Life
Stress Less
Find a New Job
Eat Healthier Foods
Spend more time with my family.
Do you see a pattern?  We have been chasing the same goals for over twenty years. Why do we want the same things?  The key word is action. Experts tell us the best way to accomplish our goals are to make them public. Along with action we need accountability.
Complete your goals for 2016 by adding action and accountability. 

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