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Senior Moments of Humor

  There are just those magical and funny moments that audience members share with you that cannot be made up. These moments are just filled with humor.  I knew this was gonna be a doozy when I heard, “This story is funnier than snuff and not quite as dusty….” I was making the point that we all need friends who not only make us laugh but also make us snort. My friend Joe Lee makes me snort. To illustrate the point, I told a story about my buddy, Joe Lee. He told me that he and his brothers were painting Continue Reading

Lowcountry Tides and Life Changes

Memorial Day weekend ushers in the official beginning of summer.  Along with the obvious tribute to our brave men and women in the armed forces, the sun seems a little hotter and the water temperature is not as cool. As a Lowcountry girl, I can relate to how the changes in the tides reminds me of  life changes. Sunscreen, bottles of water, bread, peanut butter, etc., are all on my list to take in the boat.  My daddy, a seasoned Johns Island boater, always said to never leave the shore without food and water. So with the coolers packed and Continue Reading

Momma's Ten Commandments

I have been hearing an eternity of talk about the Ten Commandments recently.  All of this  took me back to my Third Grade Sunday School teacher, Miss Peggy Seabrook coupled with what I learned at home. Every Sunday morning, my Sunday School class would be greeted with Miss Peggy’s famous chant, “Good Monin’, Good Monin’, Good Monin’!”  It could be 115 degrees, 20 below zero or a spring flood; she always filled our ears with the sound of sunshine.  Make no mistake.  In her class we memorized, we recited, and even had Bible drills.  The first lesson every year was Continue Reading

The Songs of Change in Our Life

Yesterday our daughter, Caroline graduated from Clemson University.  We were experiencing another change in our family. Thomas and I were so proud and the legacies of our Clemson families made both of us emotional during the playing of the Alma Mater.  It was that song that gave us both joy and tears. Since I am a singer and love music, I started thinking about songs that are symbols of milestones in our lives.  I love this quote; “Life is short but wide.” The longer we  live and more we take advantage of the width of life, the more songs we celebrate. Continue Reading

Ten Tasks for a Healthy Life and Attitude

Every day that is added to my life, these ten tasks become more important to me to developing a positive attitude.  Although I  am a humorist, I have found peace and comfort from some of these life lessons. I hope the same for you. 1.  Forgive It does not matter what you story is. Don’t allow yourself to live in a spirit of unforgiveness.  The acid destroys the container quicker than it will touch the person who has wronged you. 2.    Grieve Well. There is a difference between healthy grief and unhealthy grief.  I saw my grandmother grieve over my grandfather Continue Reading