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Life's not Fair…Think About the Ta-tas

If I had a dollar for every time I said, “life’s not fair,” to my children, I would be “sittin’ pretty.”  You, too?  How do you explain to a crying young child that this is what to expect FOREVER.  Things will happen that just are not good or fair or right.   This is the second lesson I mention in my book, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,” that life’s not fair. I would sit behind girls in class and envy their wide bra straps and count how many hooks they had.  I thought about the one pitiful, little hook I used Continue Reading

Change-Why We Do Not Like it

We are mostly creatures of habit and change is not in our genre. But change will come along and try our souls. It starts at a young age when us adolescent girls get a couple of physical “wake up” calls. In my book, dedicated to the fight again breast cancer, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us”  (Free download from Amazon) I share my first life-lesson when my body began to change and there are reasons why we do not like change. It was the first of two talks.  The first was a two hour marathon about becoming a woman.  I was in shock Continue Reading