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The Way Forgiveness Works

I wrote my book, “Bury Me with my Pearls” from a personal journey using the analogy of a pearl. The book grew out of a chapter about forgiveness entitled, “The Dark Pearl.” Here is an excerpt from the chapter addressing forgiveness: We all dread those times when a dark pearl is added to our strand of beautiful creamy white pearls. We don’t want to put that particular pearl on our priceless strand, but ironically it can become the most valuable one of all. Its value depends on how we use and display that particular pearl. It can be a treasure or a Continue Reading

Beauty Pageant World … Humor in the ER

“Just when you think the worst is over…” I told my audience at Ashley River Baptist Church concerning my last 24-hours of stress. I tried to make the events sound funny and stress what a great job I did handling issues. Little did I know that the events to come in “pageant world” would make the last 24 hours seem “blah” … proving once again that life is all about your attitude. I was on my way to celebrate pageant week.  All of us queens from yester-year gussied up for a blast from the past if even for a few seconds of Continue Reading