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Bury Me With My Pearls: Now on Audio!

Ya’ll want to hear something exciting? My book, Bury Me With My Pearls, is now available in AUDIO! I personally read every word because you simply can’t fake a Southern accent! I wanted to share my Southern stories my way with a little Gullah influence plus a few stories with a hint of a “Nathern” accent. Just what are you in store for when you listen to Bury Me With My Pearls? Read an excerpt from the book below! “Several years ago, I was asked to judge the Miss Mississippi Pageant. During my stay in the great beauty queen state Continue Reading

A Reminder: It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I tried to suppress my urge to smile during the funeral service for my mother’s dear friend, Helen Smoak. I sat in the beautiful St. Matthews Church in Charleston this past Sunday listening to Helen’s lovely daughter, Heidi, share her heart and humor. “I know who will be the first person to meet my mother at the pearly gates,” said Heidi. I already knew the answer. ”Mom will be greeted by Eleanor Jenkins who will escort her to the heavenly hair-do beauty shop.” My eyes glistened hearing my mother’s name mentioned. What a sweet moment! Continue Reading