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Moms and Dads are Cheating…. Their College Kids

I started thinking about the scandals going on with colleges and my college journey; I wrote this last night. Your thoughts? What was your college journey like? Moms and Dads are Cheating…. Their College Kids Apparently the new norm is being dishonest by helping your child succeed. Unfortunately, this may lead to their ultimate failure since only through disappointments do we learn skills on how to become successful. It seems as if handing out participation trophies has escalated into bribing colleges and altering SAT scores. Some parents are setting their children up for failure by making sure they succeed through Continue Reading

The Power of Three Good Things

The Spring daffodils have arrived and are my favorite of all flowers. They represent a precious memory of my grandmother, Anna Louisa Walpole Jenkins. “Lou”, as we grandchildren affectionately called her, would sit on the old Charleston Green swing and gently sway back and forth as she watched her grandchildren pick daffodils in her front yard. I can close my eyes and still hear the sound of the chains on the swing creak with every movement. Lou loved watching us pick her flowers. This simple event gave my grandmother great joy. Continue Reading