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The Best Way to Shag is With Lots of Laughter

My sweet daughter, Caroline, was so excited to be a Youth Leader for the National Speakers Association Convention. She had been a conference attendee in the past and was asked to lead a group that included youth from England. She was so honored to be in charge of these young people from another country, but, bless her, she had no idea of the cultural difference until she decided to talk about our official South Carolina state dance, The Shag. Now, if you are from England, the word SHAG has a whole difference meaning. And it’s not something you would do Continue Reading

What Happens in Vegas…Can be Sprayed with Lysol

Something comical happened on the way to my friend’s church in Las Vegas. My friend who helped start this church has a heart for folks who are hurting and helped create a safe place of non-judgment for all, especially the prostitute community. I was eagerly looking forward to visiting this new safe-haven church. On Sunday morning, I walked down to the UBER pick-up. As always, I walked to the rear of the car to check if the license plate matched the driver’s info on my phone. I was surprised when my driver said, “Can you give me a minute?” “Sure,” Continue Reading