Get Rid Of Anxiety Once And For All

I will never forget the day I started cleaning out our freezer. To be honest, I kept putting stuff in that chest freezer and closing the lid. The day came when the lid would not shut; it was time to organize and throw away all of the anxiety that was the contents of the freezer…
Digging through the layers of frozen stuff, I kept hearing a song from the Disney movie, “Frozen.” Let it go, let it go …I saw Ziploc bags dated in indelible ink that were older than my college-aged children. I tried to avoid asking Thomas for his help but I became overwhelmed with the task. I dreaded Thomas finding the buried bags of Game he had prepared for the freezer. It was a big assignment since there were so many things I wanted to hold onto but needed to throw away.

I looked at my neatly dressed husband with freezer taped on his cheek and white frost in his hair. Frustrated, his face was red from the cold and his hands were blue from “freezer bite.”He held up a bag of game and said, “Do you know what these birds would say it they could talk? WE DIED FOR NOTHING.”
Cleaning out my freezer taught me how painful it is to dig up buried things that need to be dealt with.
Tasha Broomhall’s book, BLOOM! Mental Health and Wellbeing is all about dealing with how modern human beings can and must tackle mental health: with passion, resolve and commitment.
This book is an excellent read for anyone working on building and maintaining mental health or anyone who has a loved one who is working on recovering. To hear Tasha’s amazing TEDxPerth Talk, click here. Tasha shares wonderful resources for anxiety and other mental health issues.
No doubt, it takes courage to open that cold freezer chest filled with memories and outdated frozen bags.
My freezer solution was to share the goods with the dogs in our area. They enjoyed the feast and I enjoyed a clean freezer.
Let’s all be wise and try to achieve a clean mind. Pass this on to those who need to dig into those “frozen” places and rid themselves of unhealthy behaviors.
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