Funny Story About a Wal-Mart Greeter- Do you know your Employees?

I love a funny story and here is one I could not resist sharing—a genuine flip-flop in communication.

At a dinner party the other night, the conversation drifted to Wal-Mart greeters since my very bored, post-Ford Motor Credit executive and brother-in-law, Stanley, became a Wal-Mart greeter for a brief period of time. One of our dinner party pals was able to relate to Stanley’s greeter tales. Their story was quite humorous and interesting… a Wal-Mart store manager obviously was unaware of his greeter’s resume. This is a funny story!

The greeter was habitually late but an excellent employee. Out of frustration concerning this gentleman’s tardiness, the Wal-Mart store manager had a one-on-one meeting. “So,” inquired the boss, “were you ever late arriving at your former job?”  “Why, yes,” answered the greeter. “Well, tell me, what comment was made upon your late arrival?”
The greeter replied, “Good Morning, Admiral Jones. Would you like another cup of coffee?”
I love this story since it is delivers a great message and good dose of humor. Do you know your employees? 
My new book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops” is loaded with both flip-flop moments as well as how we look at them to learn to sparkle and shine.
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