Friends Who are our Pearls- Naomi Rhode

Some people we just meet and there are some who had us at HELLO.  That is how I feel about my buddy, Naomi Rhode.  I decided to highlight some “pearls” in my life and a jewel of a friend is Naomi Rhode.Some people we just meet and there are some people who become our friends who had us at HELLO.  That is how I feel about my buddy, Naomi Rhode.  I decided to highlight some  friends who are“pearls” in my life and one is Naomi Rhode. I asked Naomi to write a testimonial for my new book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” and this is what she sent to me: “Get a glass of Iced “Sweet Tea” (unless you are from the North) and get ready to laugh from the first page to the last!  But, subtly, subtly, you will get the impact of how truly amazing, ‘good people’, influence ‘truly amazing good people’!!  You may even decide to be buried with your pearls on!!  Jane, congratulations!  This is a precious book, to take ‘your heart’ home to influence mine!!” I was truly touched by Naomi’s words.  She and her husband Jim are the kind of folks you can truly rely on.  They deeply care about others and it shows in their actions. Not only is Naomi a beautiful woman, she has great style. We LOVE the same clothes.  We both are attracted to things that sparkle….just like crows!  Give us dark clothes with some fun bling. At our National Speakers’ meeting we give each other a “heads up” on what a certain vendor is selling.  It makes me feel like a fashion queen when Naomi picks clothes out for me and vice-versa. Naomi and I have also shared some dark issues we have both had to deal with. This is the reason I asked her to write a testimonial for my book.  I know she understands what my book is about.  Naomi and I both love humor and we both love the teachings of our Christian faith. Many may look at Naomi and think she does not have a care or a problem. No, Naomi has traveled some difficult paths and is open with her faith and perseverance to help others dealing with issues beyond their control. Naomi shares from the abundance of her caring heart. Naomi is a rare jewel to be treasured for a lifetime. The first chapter of my book talks about Aspiring to Inspire before you Expire. Hang around with the people who love you and who are honest with you….then become that kind of person.  That is what life is all about…..adding to our strand of pearls we wear called life and in the process of becoming your best, be able to pass it on to others. I hope you enjoy reading the first few pages of “Bury Me With My Pearls” …click here: #pearlbook Please share these first few pages with others!!!
Enjoy my humorous bit played on Sirius XM I call, “Breasts, Beyonce’ and Beyond.”  in honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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