A Rock and a Clown Nose

A Rock and a Clown Nose
I have come to the realization that a rock and a clown nose represent principles of successful living. I discovered this life lesson at the funeral for my dear friend, Eileen Klein.
As Eileen lay in her hospital bed nearing death’s door, she asked me to sing at her funeral. The song she chose was “We’ll Meet Again.” Eileen and I have a most unusual relationship of strange humor so I replied. “Yes, Eileen. I will be honored to sing at your funeral but I am singing a song I just wrote entitled, “She Lost Her Virginity at the Waffle House.” “ We both had a good laugh.
I was out of town and I received the call that Eileen had passed away. I was thankful her suffering was over. My problem was that the airline I will not mention that rhythms with the word, “skelta” cancelled my flight that evening and rebooked me on the 1:40 PM flight. Eileen’s funeral was as 11 o’clock. I speak on the topic of having a good attitude when things go wrong so once again, I had to live the message or I need to stay home. “Okay, Lord,” I whispered, “Showtime for you.”
An “angel” appeared and handed me his $800.00 ticket with an 8:30 AM departure. This young man heard me say that I promised my friend that I would sing at her funeral. I arrived at the funeral at 10:30 AM.
The priest honored Eileen in a lovely way. He made mention of her fabulous sense of humor. Daughter, Kerry, spoke of her mother with passion and conviction. She mentioned that her mother had a box full of clown noses and enjoyed collecting rocks. Kerry told the congregation that she wanted all of us to have one of Eileen’s rocks.
My song was the last item before the benediction. The Priest completely forgot to introduce me. I thought of that clown nose and the rock. I jumped from my seat knowing I had promised to sing and with all the trouble to get to the funeral, by the grace of God, it was going to happen. I stood at the podium and sang my heart out for my dear friend, Eileen.
Yes, Eileen you are so right. What we all need in this life is a clown nose to remind us of having a good sense of humor and a rock; something firm to lean on in times of trouble.
We’ll meet again, my friend….

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