America – Melting Pot or Septic Tank?

I was PROUD to sing the National Anthem at the Miss South Carolina Pageant last week. It was a fun week filled with Queens, Princesses, Princes, Wanna-bees, Should-a-Beens, I’m-Done-With-This Pageant, and I-Can’t-Wait-till-Next-Year Competitors.  It was a beauty queen melting pot of variety of gowns, bodies and political opinions. It was a slice of America on steroids.

I did not agree with choices of gowns or answers to questions as I watched the many preliminary events. I respected the opinions and choices made. No one “booed” controversial gun control answers, or trans-gender opinions or political comments. Granted, these are not movers and shakers of the nation, just people who have differing opinions-like the rest of us.

As I sang the National Anthem, we all were on the same page. This country is filled with an eclectic blend of opinions, tastes and ethnicity.  Winners were cheered and the ones who did not achieve their dreams have choices of what to do next.  In essence, pageant competition reminds me of living in this great country.

I witnessed a melting pot of individuals. Not ones who protest for free speech but only if you agree with them. These are not the kind of people who would burn our flag. Sadly, there are many who have contaminated our country from a melting pot to a septic tank. But what I saw last week are those who love, cherish and respect this country.

At the end of Saturday night’s competition, I saw close to one hundred young women hug each other and congratulate the winners. This is the way I was reared to act and what we, as Americans, should strive to do.

This country can move forward in a healthy way when we respect other’s differences with behavior based on the fundamental values that shaped our country. In my opinion, this is only way we can survive the many tragedies of the past few weeks and future events.

I guess this is why they call it the Miss America Organization.  In America, the best competitors learn how to skillfully communicate, focus on fitness, walk with grace, and develop their talents. Then, give back to make our country even greater.

And, at the end of the day, we should all be able to congratulate each other and keep working on our own American dream.

Pass it on.

Click HERE to listen to Jane sing the National Anthem.
Click the picture to watch Jane’s performance 

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