And This Little Piggie Went to Church

In the peaceful town of Harmony, a pig rudely disrupted the tranquility, ironically turning the community everything but harmonious. This mischievous pig, which seemingly appeared out of thin air, took residence in our yards, hopping from one home to another like a wandering nomad. Yes, folks, we had a bona fide homeless pig on our hands.

The Persistent Pig

Even my usually kind-hearted mother-in-law, in a fit of frustration, resorted to pelting the pig with rocks. Not once, but twice, the pig has miraculously survived being hit by cars and even been reported dead. It seems this porky troublemaker has more lives than a cat.

After some investigation, we discovered that the pig belongs to a farm worker named Hamp. Sadly, Hamp’s attempts to capture the pig have been thwarted by an unfortunate mishap. In a bizarre turn of events, Hamp, in an intoxicated state, mistook a hot kerosene heater for a toilet seat. Ouch! Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

Now, the pig took refuge in Aunt Naomi’s yard, unofficially making it Aunt Naomi’s pig. Let me tell you, Aunt Naomi was not at all pleased with her unexpected porcine visitor. However, her dogs surprisingly took a liking to the pig, treating it as if it were one of their own. It’s a strange twist of fate that brought this unlikely family together.

The Swine Not Left Behind

What fascinates me most is how Aunt Naomi’s dogs faithfully followed her everywhere, including church and other community outings. As I watched her car speed by, the dogs followed in a haphazard order, and last but not least, the panting, sweating pig struggling to keep up. Poor thing, it reminded me of that chubby boy back in second grade. Bless its heart! Despite the pain and effort, that pig was determined to be part of the pack, striving to fit in.

Running with Canines

It made me ponder the old saying, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.” Well, this pig certainly didn’t adhere to that advice. I must say, I admire its spirit and willingness to try. How often do we hold ourselves back, waiting for the perfect moment before attempting something new? I’ve come to realize that the sooner we take the leap, the sooner we discover if it works or not. And along the way, we gather valuable lessons. So why not embrace the challenge and try running with the big dogs? You might just surprise yourself.

In this tale of the not-so-harmonious pig, we find a lesson about resilience and the courage to step outside our comfort zones. Perhaps, deep down, we can all learn something from our prized pig who lived with passion and purpose.

Jane Jenkins Herlong is a multi-talented Southern belle who can make you laugh, sing, and even teach you a thing or two. She’s a Sirius XM Humorist and an international best-selling author and professional singer, she’s got the literary and vocal chops to keep you entertained!

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