Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Do you remember that iconic line from the Wizard of Oz? Well, apparently during the 17th Century in Old Edinburgh, Scotland, there was no such thing as a good or bad witch. If you were simply accused of being a witch… oh, my!


To think… if a disgruntled hubby (and who amongst has not had one of those) called the authorities and simple said, “My wife is a witch.” You were in BIG trouble but no worries, there was a simple test…

The Witch Test

According to our tour guide and The Culture Trip, authorities would bind the accused’s hands and feet, and throw them into the Nor’ Loch (lake). If they drowned they were innocent. 

How nice. 

However, if they survived, they were ‘proven’ to be witches; a definite NO win!

Bless their hearts….

Social reformer and urban planner Sir Patrick Geddes was improving the conditions in Edinburgh’s Old Town by remodeling. He commissioned his friend and artist John Duncan to design a public drinking fountain near the castle in 1894 to commemorate the women who were senselessly persecuted for witchcraft. Duncan’s intricately wrought fountain features symbols of the dualism between good and evil, as well as icons of healing.

Check out the fountain—with a snake in the middle. Thanks, Eve. Hummm…can we say that the husbands may have been the REAL snakes in the grass?

Here is a Sweet Tea Lesson with a Wedge of Lemon-

“Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family.” @MotivationalQuotesbyChris

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