Why Aunt Binny Had a Dead Chicken on her Ceiling

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Standing in line at BI-LO, I heard the words I never thought I would never hear, “So, what are you cooking?” I swiveled around head first with a slight delay turning my body—an old pageant trick. Sure nuff, to my surprise, she was talking to ME!

I must admit, I am a nosy buggy-looker, too. But this woman was a serious foodie. Oh, and best part, I told her about my new passion for pot…the Instant Pot.
Just like the settings on my Instant Pot, I “sautéed” in the moment since I have always been a “slow cooker.” But the “pressure” was building…
To be honest, that “machine” stayed parked on my fireplace hearth since November 30. I would pass it on my way into the kitchen, glance down and tell myself one day I will conquer the fear. It was the fear of the “little man” on the top of the pressure cooker. I was informed that only the best of cooks could conquer the pressure. Momma and Tootsie warned me for years. “Jea-un,” Momma would instruct, “this is a very dangerous machine.” Then Tootsie would chime in, “You could blow up dis kitchen if you don’t know what you doin.” My mother concluded the lecture, “One time, your Aunt Binny had to scrape a chicken off her ceiling…”
This is what we do as Southern women. As challenging as it may sound, we pass down pressure cooker stories. Our young must be taught about the thrill of the outcome as well as respect for THE POT when mastering the art of using a pressure cooker.
Finally, it was time. After three YouTube Instant Pot tutorials, I was ready to give it a go. Well, the bottom line is after making delicious beef stroganoff, glazed chicken and amazing pot roast under in mere minutes, I have fallen in love with the POT.
After dining on my fabulous glazed chicken entrée Caroline was intrigued. “Oh, Momma, this is delicious! How did you make this?”
My Southern heritage kicked in. Even with the Instant Pot’s myriad of safety features, I just HAD to continue the tradition, “Caroline, this is a very dangerous machine. One time, your Great Aunt Binny had to scrape a chicken off her ceiling….”
I hope this story will make you laugh (without a chicken on your ceiling) and encourage you to invest in a smokin’ hot Instant Pot.

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