Big Fear of the Unknown

Hut at Sunrise

We spent a few days in the Lowcountry enjoying the water and beautiful wildlife this past week.  As we were traveling down Hut Creek in the Jon Boat, we hit something in the water.  It sounded like a giant ugly stump that had the potential of sinking the boat. I said to Thomas, “Something scary lies beneath.”  We had a big fear of the unknown.
We decided to wait for the tide go down and then check out this gi-normus, unseen obstruction for fear it had the potential of sinking our little Jon boat. As we rounded the bend in the creek, the massive stump turned out to be a small branch.  Obviously, our imaginations got the best of us.
Later in the day, we decided to unload our boat, Harmony and enjoy the day cruising the big waters of the Intra-coastal Waterway. After one year of repairs, we finally could take Thomas’ pride and joy out for the first time this summer.  We had polished, washed, scrubbed and pampered the boat for DAYS.  The unloading was successful and Thomas, with his chest puffed out, was the captain of his universe. Only minutes later, I got the call that the gauge indicated the motor was running hot.  Thomas had to bring the other love of his life back to shore.  It was a sad sight to see the boat just putt along after such a grand launch.  I felt so sorry for him and the boat.
The boat stayed docked for several days.  We would walk to the dock and visit the lame craft. We knew we had to take her back out to the boat ramp.  We hoped and prayed she could make the trip. As soon as the boat was cranked, the gauge indicated the motor was running hot.  After sitting for days at the dock, we knew it was impossible for the motor to overheat in mere seconds. It was like the massive stump that turned out to be a branch; the boat motor was fine but the gauge was broken. It was another big fear of the unknown.   The irony is that both of the things we feared were very small.
Isn’t is true that small things can cause large fears until we confront them and deal with them accordingly?
I have known people who seem massive and grand until I get to know them and, after seeing them clearly, these same folks become very small to me.
As we face our fears, both large and small, I pray that we develop the ability to see past the unknown.  Branches and broken gauges pale in comparison to other issues but they can be just as debilitating if we let them control our thoughts.

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