I trained for pageant competition at Billy's Funeral Home.

I trained for pageant competition at Billy’s Funeral Home.

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  1. I just watched you on Jeanne’s Back Porch in Las Vegas. So sad Jeanne and Left Brain are no longer here….but so blessed to have laughed for days, weeks, months and years through her stories and humor.

    Your Miss SC photo is beautiful and you still are today.

  2. Good morning Ms. Herlong,
    I just sent a note to Nido telling how we enjoyed your interview.
    Nido and I go back to his days he first came to America at YMCA Camp Cheerio.
    He tried hard to speak on PA system for our Dailey announcements!
    You both have come along way!
    I am currently promoting the healthy growth of our local high school, High Point Central.
    I want you to speak to them about challenges in life and over coming them.

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