My Blessing Through Grief

Bury Me With My Pearls- Best-SellerA copy of “Bury Me with my Pearls” was resting on my coffee table; it seemed to beckon … “take me with you.”
It was like a divine voice was speaking to me.
I threw the book into my suitcase and quickly zipped the bag, and off we went to Charleston. I had a strange feeling something special was going to happen.
After a brief lunch, Thomas and I visited a Verizon Wireless store. After waiting for our turn a tall, slim girl approached me.  She quickly isolated the issue with my cell phone and checked on my data usage.  The young woman mentioned my ‘cycle.’  I could not help but quip that I had not heard that word in a while. She burst into laughter and said, “That is something my mother would have said. She died in July.”
Our conversation led her to tell me how her mother had grieved over the death of her brother. She confided in me her own struggle to move on. “Suicide runs in my family,” she said.
I thought of my book. I knew then that this was the reason I was led to bring it with me. I told the young clerk I had something I wanted to give her. Although we had each experienced a different type of grief, we had both lost our mothers. We had something that bonded us together and there was encouragement that I could offer to her.
I am thankful I listened to that small voice. I pray I never miss the opportunity to be a blessing to others.

Listen to those subtle hints that may just be a divine voice. It is one of our greatest joys to be an encouragement to others who are facing challenges.

“Bury Me with My Pearls” is nominated for Christian Book of the Year!  Please vote here! Scroll down to “Non-Fiction” Biography/Memoir


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