The Best Way to Shag is With Lots of Laughter

My sweet daughter, Caroline, was so excited to be a Youth Leader for the National Speakers Association Convention. She had been a conference attendee in the past and was asked to lead a group that included youth from England. She was so honored to be in charge of these young people from another country, but, bless her, she had no idea of the cultural difference until she decided to talk about our official South Carolina state dance, The Shag. Now, if you are from England, the word SHAG has a whole difference meaning. And it’s not something you would do Continue Reading

What Happens in Vegas…Can be Sprayed with Lysol

Something comical happened on the way to my friend’s church in Las Vegas. My friend who helped start this church has a heart for folks who are hurting and helped create a safe place of non-judgment for all, especially the prostitute community. I was eagerly looking forward to visiting this new safe-haven church. On Sunday morning, I walked down to the UBER pick-up. As always, I walked to the rear of the car to check if the license plate matched the driver’s info on my phone. I was surprised when my driver said, “Can you give me a minute?” “Sure,” Continue Reading

Ever dented a stranger’s car? I did. Ever wanted to drive off? I didn’t.

Talk is cheap until it hits your pocketbook. “Momma, I think I accidentally dented a car,” confessed Caroline sheepishly. “Well, Honey, it happens. Just do the right thing just like we taught you and leave a note on the car. It’s also a good idea to take a picture of the dent.” I felt awesome about my parenting skills and congratulated myself on being a nice person. Only a week later the same thing happened to me.  Out of what seemed to be nowhere, a huge gust of wind slammed my door into another car in the parking lot of Micheal’s. UGGGH! Continue Reading

Don’t Drop the “B” Word in Airport Security

So … I am in the endless TSA line at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at 7:30 a.m. following my 3-hour drive from home as flights were cancelled due to torrential rains.  The TSA agent was not having a good day – or week – or life! She motioned me over since my luggage did not pass the TSA screening test. With a stern, disgusted face, she begrudgingly rummaged through zipper after zipper looking for whatever may have seemed to be a potential threat to humanity. Suddenly, she stopped. She carefully pulled out a white mesh bag that housed a purple foil Continue Reading

This Golden Rule made me BLUSH…literally!

It happens to the best of us. It is not a good feeling when you realize that you have made a major mistake and you want to knock yourself in your forgetful head. You are traveling. You reach your destination. You open your luggage and you realize that you have left most of your toiletry items at home. It is late, so you make the most of the hotel micro mini toothbrush and tiny tube of toothpaste. But just like our dear Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day.” Continue Reading

What To Do When Your Marriage Flips-Willie and Dee Jolley

Thanks to Willie and Dee Jolley, for sharing this wonderful excerpt from their new book, “Make Love, Make Money and Make It Last.” Flip-Flops happen. I decided to ask some of the experts what to do when relationships flip. In this newsletter, my focus is how successful couples handle those unexpected flip-flops. The perfect couple to tell us what to do when events flip us out, are marriage experts, Willie and Dee Jolley. Willie shared an excerpt from his best-selling book, “Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last.” Enjoy how Willie and Dee handled their “flip-flop flight. Continue Reading

How Would You Act If You Were The Walmart Greeter?

You may have already heard that Walmart is discontinuing their Greeter Program. SNIFF. So many rely on this program, especially the disabled. Just like you, I have been greeted by blah greeters and then on a recent trip, I meet this character—the one I share about in this video. Oh, wow! Now, this was a greeting I will never forget. Dan Holliday, former HR Manager at Walmart explains why owner and founder Sam Walton implemented the Greeters, “Sam Walton wanted them. It’s almost like a sacred promise at this point. Sam went somewhere in his many journeys and saw greeters. Much like his trip to South Korea where he Continue Reading

Easter Week was a Failure!?

Today is Good Friday. How many of y’all have had lots of  “Good Fridays?”  Have you ever been hurt, rejected, disappointed or consumed with anger? Hang in there, Sunday is coming. The Jewish people also had lots of “Good Fridays”…for over three hundred years.   And don’t you know the Jewish people were ready for a rumble– a warrior king to reign fire and brimstone down on their enemies.  So Jesus arrives on a donkey and they celebrated by laying down palm branches.  Only days later, they turned on him.  What happened?  To the Jewish people this week was not what Continue Reading

Covered Dish Catastrophes

I sat in the middle of the sweet church ladies and opened gift after gift. It was my very first church bridal shower at Harmony United Methodist Church. Between oohs and aahs, I was handed a perfectly shaped oblong box. Suddenly, silence fell over the older church circle ladies. Holding that box, I knew something special was fixin’ to happen. Tearing back the paper revealed the gift. It was a slab of shellacked, stained wood with lots of drilled holes. In a separate clear plastic bag were several wooden pegs. At first glance, I thought it was a larger version of that peg game that is placed on every Continue Reading