Breast Cancer and Ta-Ta Lesson Number 12

Breast Cancer and Ta-Ta Lessons Number 12
I love this Ta-Ta lesson from my book, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,”  since we all have things in our lives we need to get rid of. My sister got rid of her Ta-Tas because they would have killed her since she had a very aggressive type of breast cancer. The doctor told her that by the time she discovered the lump on her own she would have been in big trouble. Just like breast cancer and Ta-Ta Lesson number 12, we all need to get rid of what hurts us.
Take an honest look at your life.  What are those things/issues that are holding you back from your greatest potential?  Can you isolate the “cancerous” things that make you less of the best that you can be?
Let me share a story.  Years ago, I was living  away from home and started dating a handsome, wealthy, really great guy.  I was smitten.  As the dating continued, I noticed a strange pattern.  He only asked me out during the week, never on weekends. I decided to listen to my head and not reason with my heart. I bought him a lovely birthday gift and presented it to him on our date during the meal. After dinner, I told him I did not want to be dating any more. After he dropped me back home, I cried a bucket.  It was a very wise decision.  I found out later that he had a steady girlfriend.
I wish all problems were that easy to handle with this type of ease and swiftness. It is so strange how we think we know how to handle issues but we once again we have to repeat the lesson.
So get rid of what hurts you regardless if you are dealing with disease, a diseased relationship, or any issue preventing you from being your personal best.

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