Bud Walpole Does the Right Thing-Not Racism

BUD WalpoleWhen my cousin called and told me about Bud Walpole being fired from coaching due to claims of racism, I sounded like an owl, “Who?” Who?” I asked.  I, like many who have known Bud all of our lives, was stunned.  Bud Walpole is one of the kindest Christian gentlemen I have ever known. If Bud Walpole thought he was hurting anyone, he would do what he always tells the young people he influences, “Do the right thing.” This is reflected in Bud’s class act apology.
So who are the racists here? Maybe the person/persons pointing fingers.  How shameful and disgraceful for the Charleston County School Board to remove a person who parents pray their children will encounter as a coach. In an era when father figures are missing from our culture, men like Bud Walpole are priceless. 
Maybe the Charleston County School Board, with the guidance of Michael Miller should consider other extreme measures; close Academic Magnet High School since it can be assumed it is a racist school. They certainly knew about this watermelon ritual.  Why not dismiss the school’s administrators for allowing “racist activity?”
Why didn’t the Charleston County School Board tell Coach Bud Walpole and his winning team to find a new ritual?  I hope the school board is pleased since this absurd ruling has made national news and is another setback for positive race relations.  
Here is a story about why I know Bud Walpole is a fine person.  Years ago, Bud and I attended the same high school.  It was my senior year and for the first time in four years, I was not selected to compete in our high school pageant.  Bud quietly walked up to me and was very kind and sympathetic.  Bud told me that for the first time our school was selecting a homecoming queen.  Bud was a star athlete and one of the most respected high school students.  He rallied support for me and I became the school’s first homecoming queen. I have never forgotten his love, concern and support.
Bud Walpole is a giant among people and the Charleston County School Board has watermelon on their faces for this ridiculous ruling.  Hey, Charleston County School Board, take Bud Walpole’s advice and do the right thing-apologize to Bud and reinstate him. You will be fortunate if he agrees.
A big shout out to Darius Nwokike for circulating this petition
Jane Jenkins Herlong

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