Yep, She called Me Ugly; A Flip-Flop Faux-Pas

In honor of my new book, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops,” I remembered a funny flip-flop story that occurred a few days after I was crowned Miss South Carolina-enjoy!

I was riding high after being crowned Miss South Carolina on Saturday night. Now it was time to prepare for the Miss America Pageant.
Sitting in the pageant shop my mind was spinning with thoughts of a myriad of things to check off my list before walking on that iconic Atlantic City stage. I sat down by an older woman as I waited to meet with the gown designer.
“My grand-baby is getting a new dress,” said the proud grandmother. “Oh, that is nice.” I replied. “Yes-sire-re, she is gonna be in another beauty pageant. She is the Cucumber Queen and will compete for the title of Miss Fresh Fruit and Vegetable.” (Believe it or not, this is a pageant in the state of South Carolina.) “How nice,” I said. “Yes, it is all we think about! We are so excited,” exclaimed the grandmother.
Then the conversation became very interesting. “Did you see that beauty pageant on Saturday night?” she asked. Well, it was obvious she did not recognize me and I did not want to embarrass the sweet lady. I answered truthfully because I actually had not seen the pageant. “No,” I answered politely. “WELL, that girl that won….she is ugly….and she can’t sing neither.”
Along with being somewhat surprised, I thought I would have some fun. I leaned over and tapped her on the leg, thinking surely she would find some humor with her faux-pas, “And she can’t cook, either!” I commented. “Yes,” stated the lady. “Just what I thought; she is pitiful!”
Suddenly the door opened; there stood the Cucumber Queen. She looked at me, gasped, then exclaimed, “Oh, Granny! You are sitting by Miss South Carolina! She won the pageant we watched on Saturday night!” The grandmother looked at me, wide-eyed and jaw-dropped, “Oh, Lawd.” She said. “I need to ask you something. You ain’t judging the Miss Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Pageant, are ya?”
How funny is that! Honestly, it’s all about having a good sense of humor and knowing how to act when communicate flops!
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WOW!  Thanks for the wonderful comments…

-We all work very hard and it was nice to have someone kickoff our conference with an upbeat, positive message to set the tone for the meeting.

-Superb speaker! Jane delivered alot of truth with her humor.

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