Confronting Negativity with Humor and Grace

POstcard-for-book-give-aways..We all have to deal with negative people, situations and unpleasant events.  We have all been affected by dysfunction.  The question is how do we function in dysfunction?  We have a choice;  act like Jerry Springer or C-Span. I choose to confront negativity with humor and grace .  You may even call it Amazing Grace.
A couple of things come to mind as I write this.  Trying times like these can be as confusing as a buzzard trying to eat an armadillo.  I actually saw this the other day.  Call is what you want- “possum on the half shell” but a couple of buzzards were totally confused on how to dine on the creature.  Armadillos are new to our areas so buzzards are learning about these armed critters. Many times we  are often not equipped to handle confusion and stress. We just want to run away but that only sets up the lesson to return and  be learned later.

I have a new presentation that addresses this issue.  It will be filled with humor but also takes a deeper look at how to survive your workplace and home (bless your heart) when those people or events rear their ugly heads.  This is why I wrote my new book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” since for many years I was in an impossible situation with impossible people who I loved very much.  I had to develop life skills to protect the person God made for me to be. The Bible is very clear about this topic: Guard your Heart.
There are three life skills that I developed that I plan to share in this presentation.  So if you are interested in hearing the speech,  give me a call!  For the time being, I thought it would be fun to share a song I wrote today concerning one of the most confusing times of my life filled with dysfunctional events.  This is a time when you need amazing grace.  It is called  Motherhood.  The tune is from the Beatles’ great hit: Yesterday…..


 I knew it all-I thought I understood

Now I realize I’m dumb as wood

Oh motherhood, I thought I could


I think my son just took my Birth Control..

My hormones always are on a roll

My mouth says words I can’t control

I gave birth to my brain and now I am insane

I need therapy or a pill, where’s Dr. Phil?

I feel fat

When did my bosoms become long and flat?

My husband wishes for a pouncing cat

Yesterday I could do that.

Motherhood, I thought I could….

Also,  I am sending the first chapter of my Pearls books as a little gift!  The above picture is an reward package that will be available for those who buy my book.  All of the products listed plus more have a value of $250.00.  More details will follow!

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