Covid 19 Travel Advice-Don’t Forget the Toilet Paper

I stopped at the first gas station both to fill up and empty out.

I had been on my way to Greenville to shoot a virtual demo video. Halfway to my destination the thought occurred to me that I should not have consumed a full cup of coffee and a strawberry smoothie. Mother Nature was calling; I suddenly had a big bladder in a small town with nowhere to go, literally. The gas station’s card reader was broken, bathroom door missing

On to the next exit.

Certainly this next would be the winner; I mean, McDonalds never fails. But after reading a sign taped to the glass door: DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS, OUR BATHROOMS ARE CLOSED, I knew this would not be a Happy Meal moment.

At the last of the service/convenient stores on my journey, I spotted a unisex bathroom…and I was relieved—no pun (certainly no fun) intended. I hurried in, passing a police officer on his way out. He said something, which I did not understand, because some inner parts of my body were sloshing louder.

The door had begun to shut behind me when I caught sight of the sign tapped on the unisex door: WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOILET PAPER.

Now for you fellas this may not be a big deal but for us Southern women, this is not good.  The first thought is hoping a paper towel holder maybe hanging on the wall but, remember, no paper. I saw a blow drying machine and for a fleeting moment I thought of standing on my head and, well….like I said, it was a fleeting moment.  I fumbled and prayed through my purse looking for something….anything to remedy this moment.

After digging around, I found nothing.  Maybe I should yell to the cop.  “Officer, I have an emergency…”

Then I spotted it—my brand new, regulation, anti-virus medical grade face mask with adjustable straps for comfort and safety.  Should I?  Would I dare?  Oh, the shame, but oh the joy…until I realized my brand new, regulation, anti-virus medical grade face mask with adjustable straps for comfort and safety mask was also non-absorbent.

Okay, well, we’ll just see about that, I thought.

So the next time you venture out, in addition to a full tank of gas, adequate oil and the correct tire pressure, remember to pack a roll or two.  I can guarantee, it will help to mask your fears and hopefully have a happier end.

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