Covid Vocabulary with a Humorous Twist

Most of us have read and heard Covid terms throughout this past year.  

I decided to alter the spelling of some of the words and add alittle humor to the definition.

Fattening the Curve– Overeating

Heard Ammunity-Not listening to negative news or any news.

Personal Protective Equipment-Birth Control

Contact Tracing-Stalking Social Media rather than bar pick-ups.

Suave Test-When video conferencing, remember business attire from the waist up.

Outbreak– What happens to your face when you don’t wash your mask.

Ass-ymptomatic-Stubborn people who refuse to follow Covid rules; then Covid rules them.

Here are a few more insights: 

Now we know how our dogs and cats feel being cooped up in the house all the time.  Also, we have learned that if you have good friends, you are rich.Orlando Weekly 

Common sense from the cattle farm: Maintain social distancing; keep one cow apart. Bored Panda

Finally, from Bethany Free-Will Baptist Church…

 Jesus Cleans Your Heart, We Disinfects the pews.

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