Discovering the Barbie in YOU!

Embrace Your Own Sunshine

In our world, women sometimes feel like they need a Prince Charming to feel complete, and men think they’re rockstars if they get attention from their dream girl. But in Barbieland, the tables turn, and it’s a total comedy show. All the Kens are living their lives orbiting around Barbie like she’s the sun. Ok, Fellas!  Time for you to find your shine… without the bright brilliance of Barbie.

No More Cat Fights

Ladies, let’s unite like a superhero girl squads. Communicate and uplift each other with killer teamwork, and it’s like watching a power-packed, sparkly glitter explosion.  Barbie drops some wisdom bombs, reminding everyone that true liberation means integrating women’s values into all spaces, not just squeezing us into men’s clubs like an awkward shoe fit.

So, they rally together and demand equal ownership of all the spaces, turning them into “Wonderland for Women” and “Pandora’s Box of Empowerment.”  Barbie’s like, “Come on, ladies, let’s paint this world pink and awesome.” And just like that, the world becomes a place where women lift each other up, break ceilings with laughter, and unleash their feminine force to create the ultimate “Girl Power Extravaganza.” 

Barbie shows us a world where women have power derived from kindness, unity, and self-actualization. She helps the audience believe that not only is that world possible, anything less is unacceptable. She doesn’t, however, say creating this world will be easy. It won’t be because the real world can be hard. But just as Barbie learns, hard isn’t bad. You can’t hope to live in Barbieland without living in the real world and working to create it yourself.

You-Go-Girl Grit

In the real world, things can get as tangled as trying to comb through Barbie’s long, luscious locks. But guess what? Barbie’s got a message for all of us: hard isn’t bad; it’s a chance to embrace our inner fierce. 

Living in Barbieland means tackling the real world with style and grace, like a glittery superhero on a mission.  So, let’s ditch the doubts and unleash our inner divas to make this world sparkle like Barbie’s dream closet.

Remember, folks, we’ve got the power to create a world that’s filled with kindness, unity, and enough self-actualization to rock the runway.  Because anything less is like wearing socks with sandals to a red carpet event – it’s just not happening, 

So, grab your tiaras and strap on those stilettos; it’s time to join Barbie’s mission to make the world fabulously fantastic. Who’s with her? Let’s do this!

Jane Jenkins Herlong is a multi-talented Southern belle who can make you laugh, sing, and even teach you a thing or two. She’s a Sirius XM Humorist and an international best-selling author and professional singer, she’s got the literary and vocal chops to keep you entertained!

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