Don’t Drop the “B” Word in Airport Security

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So … I am in the endless TSA line at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at 7:30 a.m. following my 3-hour drive from home as flights were cancelled due to torrential rains. 
The TSA agent was not having a good day – or week – or life! She motioned me over since my luggage did not pass the TSA screening test. With a stern, disgusted face, she begrudgingly rummaged through zipper after zipper looking for whatever may have seemed to be a potential threat to humanity. Suddenly, she stopped. She carefully pulled out a white mesh bag that housed a purple foil ball. 
As she dangled it in front of my face, I said, “Oh … that’s a bomb.” 
“Bomb” is NOT the word to say in line during a TSA check!
I gasped in horror as I tried to explain: “Oh, no! That is not what I meant! It only explodes in showers!” I stammered, not helping my cause at all.
Her eyes squinted as she gave me the stare that translated, Sister, you are on the NO FLY list forever, complete with handcuffs … and not the pretty little pink ones, either! She opened the white mesh bag, carefully unwrapped the purple foil, glaring at me as if she knew more about what was in my luggage than I, and then slowly, deliberately inhaled. A smile gradually spread across her face.
“I love lavender”, she said with a sigh, “it always calms me down.”
“Do you mind if I have a sniff?” I nervously asked.
She gave me a nod and off I went to T-6 for my flight to Dallas.
Walking away, I chuckled: “Thank God she did not find the other shower bomb … it is labeled Explosive Energy!”

Coming one day when I get enough funny ideas and energy to finish.

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