Don’t Smoke Weed in a Beauty Pageant

A crown with SMILE
I was a contestant in the Miss Coastal Carolina Fair pageant. Another fellow contestant was so nervous; she told me that she had smoked some pot to try to relax.  I knew something was wrong; she acted more like a Space Queen instead of contestant for the Fair Queen. Ironically, she was contestant number 13 and for talent she sang the classic country song, “I Fall to Pieces.” Just a friendly piece of advice; don’t smoke weed in a beauty pageant.

With all that against her she need more help. Smoking a joint only made her act bizarre.We both made it to the top ten and had to answer an on-stage question. Backstage she asked, “Do you think they will ask us about current events?  I know nothing except my daddy  told me that meat prices are high. He works at the Piggly Wiggly in the meat department.  That somehow got stuck in her pot head.
When it was her turn, she nervously stepped up to the microphone.  The emcee asked, “How do you feel about the rate of crime?”  “WHAT??” she said. The emcee asked the question again, “How do you feel about the rate of crime?” She was so nervous, she heard the word PRIME instead of CRIME and said, “ Well, I know it is high because that is what my Daddy does to make money.”  There was no reaction from the totally confused audience. People just stared at her trying to make sense out of her answer.  Smoking pot only made that girl go stupid. Making matters worse she exclaimed, “ My Daddy is the town butcher.”

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