Empowering Words from Great Leaders

HPU 2This weekend Thomas and I were treated to the National Speakers Association/Carolinas Chapter being held at High Point University.  My friend, Nido Qubein was the host and speaker for the morning session.  Our association was again given more great information in the afternoon session by Pete Weissman.  Pete  is a speechwriter to Senators and several CEOs.  It was a wonderful honor to hear both Nido and Pete.  They both gave us empowering words from great leaders. As the chapter president, I was delighted with this fantastic opportunity to learn from these two wonderful leaders who nurture leaders.
Nido started the day with some amazing thoughts. Nido challenged us to isolate what makes us distinctive. He also said that, “rendered values define us.”  Are we living our words in our actions and deeds?  Are we intentionally congruent with day-today living?
Another thought was what we really desire is “the product of the product.”  I thought of my new book, “Bury me with My Pearls.”  I hope and pray that more important than merely reading the actual  book is that the book will help achieve a positive outcome for more successful living. This is the product of the product.
Another true statement is that if you and I are not achieving success,  we should  check our belief systems. Confidence comes from competence. The proof in Nido’s presentation is evident in his undisputed success over the past nine years as the president of High Point University. The student enrollment was 1,490 in 2004 and now is over 4,000.  The state-of-art buildings and technology speak for themselves.  Nido has secured  parents to each give major comtributions to invest in a new building for jobs and student placement upon graduation. A recent article reports the impressive investment that has been made to refurbish the campus over the years. Nido’s words have been put into action…..super-charged action.
Pete Weissman gave us the formula for a “home-run” speech.  Discover what is your audience’s biggest problem. Second, what is your unique perspective.  Deliver a message folks will walk away with and they can take beyond the room. Isolate a current event or trend that solidifies your message.
Whether you are a professional speaker or someone who desires to reach for excellence, these words hold true for many. It is always a blessing to be challenged to be deliberate in our thoughts and spoken words that, by the grace of God, will be translated into action.

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