Everyone Should Consider Owning a Cat

A friend of mine suggested I write an article about animals. I think I will take it a step further and write an article about man’s second best friend. Could it be about cats? Now before some of you balk at cat “tails”, give me a chance to share some stories.
A stranger asked me once, “What do you do?” “I am a speaker,” I replied. “Oh, kind of like a motivational speaker,” they said. Then this person added, “Trying to motivate people is like trying to tell a cat what to do.
Cats do have a mind of their own. I heard a comedian explain the differences between cats and dogs. Drive away, turn around after forgetting something and observe how each animal reacts. The dog will jump around acting like he or she has not seen you in 10 years. On the other hand, the cat will sit, glaring at you with no emotion thinking, “What did you forget, stupid?” You never hear people say, “I just want to be the kind of person my cat thinks I am.”
Cat lovers are passionate about their love for felines. But they cannot explain why. They just love their cats and their cats know it.
Dog lovers can talk on and on about why they are so attached to their dogs. Dog lovers have tangible reasons for their affections but cat lovers just smile and can give no good answers to support their feline friends.
I was flying to Florida a few weeks ago with a passionate cat lover who was carrying an empty animal carrier. I inquired where she was going. “To Detroit to get my new Persian cat, “she replied. “I found one on the internet. I will be back home to night.”
Any cat owner will tell you that you have to earn the love of a cat. And cats NEVER forget. You can be petting the cutest, little kitty-cat one moment and the next moment, the cat can become a vicious, carnivorous animal brutally torturing a mouse. One minute cats are playful and the next second they will claw and bite. Cats are unpredictable to say the least.
For some reason, this is what attracts us to cats. They are so much like people. Cats can be selfish, sneaky, unpredictable, and hard to please. It is all about them. So why would anyone want a cat?
A few nights ago, I was walking down our driveway having a down moment, maybe a bit of a pity-party. I felt alone. I stopped at our mail box, took a deep breath, and stood in the darkness. At the end of our driveway, on a cool, spring evening, I noticed a dark spot by my foot. It startled me at first. Then I heard “MEEEEOOOOW.” It was a different cry, a long comforting cry. It was this cat’s way of saying, “Here I am, don’t be sad.” That cat brushed against my leg. It was like he understood.
Maybe this somewhat solves the mystery of why many folks love their cats.

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