A Girlfriend is a Genuine Pearl in Our Life

You know the drill; our husbands are so tired of hearing our rant about this and that. What do we do when we need someone to listen and help us deal?   Call a girlfriend. A girlfriend is a genuine pearl in our life.  I love these special women because they accept me and celebrate my uniqueness. As a humorist speaker my girlfriends are also a source for my inspirational presentations.  I will never forget the year after I lost my mother and my girlfriends took me on a trip to the beach for my birthday.  It was like a giant hug from amazing women. I remember shopping and all of them went to Ann Taylor but I was drawn to a shop called, Dixie Diva. I am like a raven when it comes to being attracted to bling.  My point is that we celebrate each other’s uniqueness.
My girlfriends are genuine pearls and in my life and the inspiration for, “Bury Me with My Pearls’, my funny book  for womenBury Me With My Pearls

Show your love and thank those amazing women in your life.  Share the song and continue to enjoy the blessing of your girlfriends who are the genuine pearls in your life.

 About Jane-

Humorist, Amazon “Best-Selling” author and professional singer, Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP finds the funny in dysfunction while entertaining with her comedy and singing heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and Pandora.  Jane helps audiences confront negativity with grace and humor to increase performance and productivity as she did overcoming being labeled Dyslexic and other challenges. From the tomato fields of Johns Island, South Carolina to a Miss America runway and beyond, Jane’s funny original, Southern stories and award-winning singing helps audiences learn life-skills and the healing power of laughter when dealing with stressful issues thrown at their field of dreams. You will love this farm-girl’s Southern-style recipe for balancing your own personal journey with a sense of humor, hope and heaping helping of folksy wisdom.
Along with entertaining audiences from coast to coast, Jane has performed at the legendary Radio City Music Hall sharing the stage with well-known personalities such as; Colin Powell, Rudolph Giuliana, Charles Stanley and the late Charlton Heston.  Not bad for a Lowcountry farm girl!  As a humorist, author, parody writer and recording artist, Jane’s products and digital downloads are featured Amazon and iTunes.

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