The Good, the Bad and the Funny

 My friend, Penny and I had one of those special girlfriend visits. We both needed to lean on each other for wisdom, good insight and prayer.
As Penny spoke to me, I began to realize something in her and in myself that speaks volumes about our personalities. Penny is an amazing person who has the gift of sensitivity. Penny was being sensitive to a need in another’s life that became overwhelming and consuming. I made the comment, “Penny, your sensitivity is your good/bad.” In other words, her ability to be sensitive to the needs of others can also become a burden, if you let it.
Where does funny come into the picture? Can you laugh when your good and bad collide? I love to tell this funny story during my presentations when Penny’s good/bad collided but she found the funny.shoe with play button
 Penny and I decided to obtain our CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). We both attended class and Penny, the great note taker, wrote down every word. We were given specific instructions on what to do if stopped by a police officer. Penny attends to detail like no one I have ever seen.
About a month after receiving our CWP, Penny called. “Jane, I got pulled in Bamberg for speeding.” “Well,” Penny continued. “I did everything our instructor said to do when you get pulled. I wrote it down word for word. I kept my hands on the steering wheel till my knuckles turned white. I did not move since the officer knew I had a concealed weapon. You know, they cross-check your license.”
“Jane, it was awful!” Penny lamented. “He just kept knocking on my window yelling, “Lady, roll down your window!””
I just could not believe how insistent he was and was practically beating on my window!” “Finally, I said, “Officer, I cannot move to roll down my window. I have a concealed weapon!” “Yes, Mam,” replied the officer. “Where is it?”  Looking straight ahead, with white-knuckled hands, Penny replied, “At home.”
The bottom line is if you have a good quality, that can also become a bad quality, always try to find the funny. Pass on this story and share a good laugh!

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