My Gullah Speech is Funny and Filled with Wisdom


I am blessed to have been reared on Johns Island where the “Mother Tongue of the Sea Islands” or Gullah is a predominate language. Many people I love and respect speak this cultural dialect. This way of communicating is not restricted to one particular race; my grandfather and father along with those born and breed on Johns Island had command of this unique language. Sadly, every day that passes there is one less soul who understands and/or communicates using this rare and almost poetic language.

“My new presentation is a celebration of the Gullah culture, its strong community and amazing comedy…”

You will love the priceless lessons I learned packed with common sense, nuggets of wisdom and timeless humor… “Gullah style.”

I love to share my Gullah speech filled with stories told by Gumpa, my grandfather who was fluent in Gullah. Other stories I love to tell are about Tootsie, my second momma; she was one of my WOW-Women of Wisdom. You can read more about lowcountry wisdom in my new book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops.”I have such fun telling lowcountry Southern stories filled with laughter followed with a sniff or two. Many of these stories I cherish even more today.Give me a holler if you are interested in my new program, give me a holler!  803-480-1190.

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