Holmes and Handel’s Ha-way-woo-wa

I had a fun memory and special reminder.

It was many years ago and our little country church choir tackled a huge task- Handel’s Messiah. It was a tough assignment; I think we started practicing the Monday after Easter! We sang with big hearts with limited talent.

I faithfully listened to my CD of Handel’s Messiah. The  Hallelujah Chorus was repeated over and over since the finale had to be fabulous. Every time I rode in my car, fifteen month old Holmes would be strapped in his car seat playing with his toys as I listened to my CD. That child was not paying one ounce of attention to the music-or so I thought.

With only a few weeks left before the big Christmas Cantata, I decided to go to the grand opening of a new store to snag some Christmas deals. I put Holmes in his umbrella stroller and off we went as festive Christmas music filled the store. While maneuvering through the store aisles, I heard the familiar musical intro to the Hallelujah Chorus.

Holmes sat up straight, tilted his head upwards and sang, “Ha-way-woo-wa, Ha-way-woo-wa, Ha-way-woo-wa. Ha-way-woo-wa….” It was loud and he was proud. Folks around me stood and stared at this fifteen month old singing at the top of his lungs, The “Ha-way-woo-wa” Chorus. Then the crowd looked at me. “Well,” I said. “He likes Handel.” Then I proceeded to stroll with Holmes singing his rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.

It was a moment, let me tell you. But a great reminder of how those little ears are tuned in to what we say. So get a handle (could not resist) on what comes out of your mouth. And remember, the Messiah is listening, too.

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