Holy Humor!?

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To start 2019, a sense of humor is more valuable than ever. With so many challenges in our homes, communities and at work, laughter is super important.

So I wrote, Holy Humor. This passage is my special version of I Corinthians:13 and the amazing things that happen when you develop a sense of humor. One of my passions is speaking and writing about the power of laughter. Come on, y’all, it’s biblical!

When I speak for lots of folks and do not have a sense of humor, I am just making noise.

If I could predict the future and am super smart and live a faith-filled life but can’t laugh, I cheat myself.

Even if I gave food and money to the homeless and talk about being an overcomer of hardships in life and can’t laugh, I don’t gain a thing.

Humor can deliver you from being jealous. It will shut up boasting and makes you think humble thoughts.

If you can laugh your way through life, other folks will want to be your friend. Humor helps you control anger and trash those mental notes of what someone did to you.

Humor laced with truth is powerful. It will protect your mind, give you hope and helps you face adversity with a better attitude.

A good laugh is like a medicine. Think of being like a child, they love to laugh. So now go to the nearest mirror and have a good laugh,

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is a sense of humor.

Share this message with someone who needs to develop a sense of humor! But BE NICE when you share!

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