How to Be Loved; How to Be Hated

Female Motivational speakers“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.” Andre Gide

Do you agree with this statement? In my opinion, these few words are loaded with wisdom and courage; choose to develop your gifts and talents. Sadly, so many will miss out on becoming all that God has blessed them to become. I believe fear is the root.

The great Zig Ziglar said, “Fear is simply: False Evidence Appearing Real.” Many fear being rejected from exercising their gifts and talents. And who rejects them? Small minded people. If you have to be less of a person to be accepted by others, I suggest you fish in another pond for a healthier circle of friends and family.

As we journey through life, be all you can be with your talents and gifts.  How sad that some will never experience this joy.  So many great accomplishments have been achieved by folks who think they can.  So many national championships have been won by teams who have the will and determination–even when talent is lacking. The trick is to work hard and surround yourself with right people who have the desire to see you grow into you gifts.

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