How Would You Act If You Were The Walmart Greeter?

You may have already heard that Walmart is discontinuing their Greeter ProgramSNIFF. So many rely on this program, especially the disabled.

Just like you, I have been greeted by blah greeters and then on a recent trip, I meet this character—the one I share about in this video. Oh, wow! Now, this was a greeting I will never forget.

Dan Holliday, former HR Manager at Walmart explains why owner and founder Sam Walton implemented the Greeters, “Sam Walton wanted them. It’s almost like a sacred promise at this point. Sam went somewhere in his many journeys and saw greeters. Much like his trip to South Korea where he fell in love with pre-work cheers and stretches, he thought greeters were great after seeing a few in some of his (and other) stores.”

To the bigger point…if you were the Walmart Greeter, how would you act? Let’s just come right out and say that this is not the most high-level corporate job, but would you act like it is? I have a speech that I called, “You don’t have to be the CEO to be the VIP.” Says it all, right?

Let’s remember the Walmart Greeter and the legacy and lesson of Sam Walton as he “fell in love with pre-work cheers.”

Share the lesson and also some cheer where you work today!

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