Hurricane Irma Take-A-Ways

Supposedly, animals react during unusual weather.  I did not believe it until my feral-ish kitty ran through our den, jumped up onto the tv cabinet, and began fighting the swirling rains bands of Irma displayed on the television.  If that wasn’t enough, she then turned her attention to Jim Cantore, weather channel icon, and tried to fight him too.  You go, Jenks. I think all who were affected by  Hurricane Irma felt the same way.

That storm just kept flip-flopping! In my book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-flops” to be released in under two weeks, I focus on how life can change and flip so quickly, just like Hurricane Irma. Many “flip-flop stories” are included in my book but also how to sparkle and shine through these times

My cat, Jenks, was honest about her feelings about the storm since animals do not have the ability to lie, but here are a few other take-a-ways from Irma.
1-  Be prepared. Being a Charlestonian, Momma and Daddy taught me that if it looks like a storm is coming, get ready.  How many of us do not prepare for both physical or emotional storms until they are upon us?  When I am not “prayed-up,” I panic.
2- Priorities. Emergency management reminded us for many days that you can replace your possessions, but cannot replace your life.
3- Drama. Lots of folks focus on drama and some enjoy it.  Listen to the advice of those who are calm and have a sense of reality without the hype.
4- Divine Moments. A friend of mind told me that they have a rental home in North Carolina. Some folks from Texas booked the house and then had to cancel due to the traffic from evacuees. As soon as the call disconnected, folks living in the Tampa Bay area asked to rent the home. They drove 17 hours straight through to the mountains of North Carolina. My friends are such great people; they gave the house to the Floridians for 2 weeks at no charge which brings me to my last point…
5- Helping others. What a testimony of faith to help those in need. Whatever we can do to aid those who need financial or physical help, please give. The highest calling in life is to serve others.
Well, Irma, thanks for the reminder but Jenks pretty much acted out how folks feel about you.
Yes, prepare for the storms in life, remember your priorities, watch out for drama, look for divine moments, and give back to serve others.
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