Funny Female Speaker

 Looking for a funny speaker for women?

 -Are you tired of NOT being your absolute best self?
-Lost your joy?
-Lookin’ for life in all the wrong places?
-Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

        You need to take the Flip-Flop Challenge! Click HERE


And HERE are the words to the song.

 Many fear being rejected from exercising their gifts and talents. And who rejects them? Small minded people.

Here is where Jane thrives!  Just settle back like you are in your favorite rocker…. or dangling your feet in cool water…. hanging your bestest girl friends while laughing at timeless life lessons.

Looking for a woman speaker to talk about  “MED,” The Triple Flip-Flops  of–Menopause & Medical Issues |   Empty Nest |  Dealing with Loss.

Whether Jane shares her “pearls,” “rhinestones”, bare feet or  singing the”ta-ta” song (health reminders), I guarantee you will snicker or maybe snort at Jane’s Southern stories laced with wisdom and just plain fun!

You may want to theme your special event to take advantage of Jane’s best-selling and award-winning books!

BUT there is more! Check out Jane’s knee-slappin’ presentations!

 Bury Me with My Pearls

Do you have friends who you consider your “pearls?” This is the perfect presentation to celebrate your “Pearl Friends.”

The presentation that is a classic and a real “jewel” for women who are searching to live their legacies. Based on Jane Herlong’s award-winning and best-selling book, Bury Me with My Pearls, Jane shares her pearl analogy – cultured, uncultured and seed pearls – to empower women to handle business and personal challenges with grace and a sense of humor.

The Perfect Fit! This keynote presentation has been popular in women’s conferences, associations, church groups, philanthropic organizations and conventions who are looking for an enlightening event filled with inspirational lessons, friendships and laughter.

 Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops: When Life Flips, Don’t be a FLOP!

Has your life ever flipped? Have you ever felt like a complete flop? “YES” is my answer!

Now, let’s add rhinestones to those flip-flops when we learn through from the Women of Wisdom (WOW) about how to turn the flips and flops into everyday joy.

Join Jane as she takes you along the journey of several women who experienced life’s turmoils but did not let it stop them. The secret? Tenacity and being surrounded by other Women of Wisdom to help you journey through life’s ups and downs.

This presentation is based on Jane Herlong’s newest book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops: Choosing Extravagant Joy in the Midst of Everyday Mess-ups” and will delight audiences when they laugh out loud at the dreaded “middle age” issues and learn more positive and productive life skills.

“I wrote Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops because this book is my journey. It’s your journey. Most of us struggle with deception, stress, holding on to the past, and those dreaded “middle age” issues. This book will make you laugh while learning life skills to be a better you!”



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