Laughing at Myself Through Christmas Stress

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Have you ever had a crazy day of busyness?
The song, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, played over and over in my head. Can I add these new lyrics… for Christmas stress?
I was practically in a panic as I rushed to get dressed to start a long day of “to-dos.” My Christmas list was long and my time to shop was short. How strange—you don’t see men stressing out shopping… until Christmas Eve.
And after standing in seemingly endless checkout lines, and walking my legs off searching for non-internet ordered items, I was ready for a treat. Ahhhh, a pedicure.
I walked into a salon filled with my fellow, weary shoppers; they were ready to give themselves a few minutes of foot pleasure. I was fixated on the tub of swirling warm water that beckoned to my aching feet.
Seated next to a nicely dressed, older woman, I noticed that her toes were being painted Christmas red. She gave me a friendly, sympathetic smile; this Southern lady appeared to have style and a fun attitude.
The sweet nail tech, began rolling up one leg of my pants. I watched in disbelief as a pair of bright pink underwear fell out on the floor in front of God and everyone else. Unknown to me, those “drawers” were lodged in the leg of my pants and I traveled with me all day.
Just as surprised as I was, my nail tech, exclaimed, “That your underwear?!” My pedicure “tub mate” chimed in with her Southern drawl, “Why I surely hope so. If they aren’t her drawers, her husband has a-lotta explaining to do.” Her comments turned my Christmas stress into a big laugh.

Stress can show up in many ways, even stuffed in the leg of a pair of pants. Do you have a stressful story? Can you laugh at yourself?
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