Laughter Can Save Your Life- Just Ask Carol Burnett

My mother always said, “Find something to laugh about with that problem. It will help you get through tough times.”

Checking out at Bi-Lo or as I call it, the Johnston Mall, I saw an article that caught my eye in Closer magazine. Writer Louise Barile wrote an article entitled “Laughter Saved My Life.” The theme of the article was how Carol Burnett’s comedic gifts helped her survive many heartbreaking family tragedies.

“Comedy can save a lot of people’s lives. It saved mine,” Carol told Closer. Carol Burnett was the child of two alcoholics raised by her grandmother in a Hollywood apartment. Even in those adverse conditions, she loved to laugh.  Carol Burnett show writer, Kenny Solms says of her, “Carol’s been an underdog because she came from such a sad life.  She persevered because she has an amazing will.”
Carol Burnett married Joe Hamilton and was the mother of three girls.  One child, Carrie, developed a serious drug problem which caused  tremendous marital stress leading to divorce. Carol’s daughter straightened out her life and she and her mother co-produced a comedic play based on Carol’s hectic childhood set in the apartment she was raised in.  Hollywood Arms debuted in 2002 but a cruel twisted, only months before the play opened, Carrie died of lung cancer.

Carol Burnett’s life has turned around since marrying Brian Miller.  Hollywood Arms, once again, played in New York City at the Kaufman Center, thirteen years after its Broadway debut.  This is a healing moment for Carol to address her own childhood and share her legacy with her daughter.

This is survival with a sense of humor and purpose.

We all have different journeys in life;  some more intense than others. I happened to notice a bumper sticker that hit home with me and my journey that simply said, “What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what it is all about?” I agree. Do the right thing, shake it off and turn it around.

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