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Six days to go before “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops” is released!


Undercover WOW Woman
Check out this early review from Netgalley:
This book is so snarky-funny, but in a gracious way. The author says all of those things that we know, but we don’t talk about. (Well, at least, us Southern girls were taught not to talk about them.) She keeps it real and opens up an honest conversation. This is like sitting down to coffee (maybe with a splash of Kahlua!) with your best girlfriend…
Have you ever felt like a complete flop? Has your life ever flipped? YES is my answer! Now, let’s add rhinestones to those flip-flops. This is why I wrote, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops: Choosing Extravagant Joy in the Midst of Everyday Mess-ups.” This book is my journey; it’s your journey. Most of us struggle with deception, stress, holding on to the past, and those dreaded “middle age” issues. This book will make you laugh while learning life skills to be a better you!
I take a unique approach to Eve’s or “Deceived Eve’s” (as I like to call her) flip-flops.” Ever been totally stressed out like “Domestic Diva Martha?” Does everything have to be perfect? What was “Fearless Queen Esther’s” secret to amazing courage?
I throw in modern WOW or Women of Wisdom advice so you too can discover your shine! This book is funny but very honest. I am a humorist (you may have heard my comedy is on SiriusXM Radio). I tell some honest (ouch) stories that may make you snort after a sniff.
In each chapter, you will discover mess-ups from our iconic biblical ladies, but more importantly, you will learn from their “flip-flops” and their sparkle and shine moments. The bonus is sound advice on what you can do to find your own shine.
You are going to love this funny, self-help book to help you find your sparkle and shine! Share this with others who need to shine, too!

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