Life's Journey: Grow Your Pearls, Wear Your Pearls, Share Your Pearls

A ten year book project, “Bury Me with My Pearls,”  will be available on Amazon tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this book since it is a “ministry opportunity” for me to help others who need emotion help and encouragement. Life’s journey is to: grow your pearls, wear your pearls and share your pearls. #pearlsbook
Isn’t this a humorous book? Yes, but I would not be true to myself or my faith not writing about the Dark Pearl. My wonderful editor, Denise said, “Jane, go deeper.” That was scary for me since deeper meant re-living years of emotional pain and heartbreak for myself and for my aging mother. It also meant dealing with more emotional pain after my mother died, then the death of my sister. This book is a roller-coaster ride of laughter and tears.  I promise that you will laugh and then learn many spiritual principles to  help you on your journey through life. My prayer is that this book will be a source of hope, help, humor, and healing. I am blessed to have faith, amazing friends and family. My husband, Thomas Herlong has been a pearl to help me through the many years we were heart-broken and also for encouraging me to write this book. My children Caroline Herlong and Holmes Herlong are such a blessing to me!
Thanks to Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and Eddie Jones for believing in me and this book.  Also to Denise Loock for encouraging me; Denise even ordered some copies!  Tim Burns, you are great!  Thank you for mentoring me for these many months.  Les Strobbe is a great literary agent and made this all happen with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.
“Bury Me With My Pearls” release date November 12
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.
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