Little Town of Johnston has Magic Moments

Life offers many magical moments that can be missed. As annoying as it can be, signs requesting “Turn off your cell phone,” can force us to experience more entertainment than expected.
In my new book to be released in September, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops,” I highlight the frustration of Martha who was so busy getting ready for Jesus that she missed listening to his teaching. Her sister, Mary, soaked it in, but Martha was distracted and became a stressed-out, mess-up. Hummmmm, know anyone like this? Guilty.

My daddy loved to sit and visit. He always said that people are the best entertainment. Daddy was not much of a talker, but he was a great observer. Even if the technology was available, there is no way my daddy would stare at a smartphone; he experienced many magical moments even in our little town of Johnston.
Early in the morning, his first stop was the PK Restaurant. Thomas describes the PK as Johnston’s version of Cheers for breakfast.Then off to sit at Forrest Tire to listen to Forrest’s stories and to watch the dogs protect the business. Forrest considered his dogs the alarm system and named his “guard” dogs after tire parts: Hubcap, Re-tread, and Lug Nut.
Lunch at the Triangle Restaurant was the next stop. This is our local family restaurant with three walls. Daddy loved to eat lunch at the 12:15 table with the other fellas.
Capping off the day was a visit to Joe Ben’s car dealership. Joe Ben loved my daddy and preferred talking with him to selling a car.
Magic moments- don’t miss them since many times you only get one chance. Share this post if you agree.


Thanks to the beautiful and dear Shawn Weatherly Harris for her review of my book.
“I love the way Jane weaves old fashion wisdom, from her family, and Biblical truths to shed new light on how they can be applied to modern day real life issues!
Jane adds a fresh voice to the eternal yearning for meaning and purpose we all carry in our souls. Her writing sets itself apart from most self-help books by sprinkling all the salt and light lesson’s for living a Christian life with so much humor I never felt preached to or condemned.”
―Shawn Weatherly Harris, Miss Universe, Miss USA 1980, actress, mother and wife

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