My Mama and Her “Pearls” of Wisdom

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My new book, Bury Me with My Pearls, will be released November 12, 2013. This book is a treasure of humor, memories and spiritual truths in memory of my mother, Eleanor McElveen Jenkins.  My tag line is, You May Die Laughing While Learn how to Live.  This book is my tribute to my Mama and her “pearls” of wisdom.
My mother gave great advice.  I will never forget the lecture she gave me on the eve of my wedding.  Eleanor said, “Take care of your husband.  “For every headache you have, there is a woman out there with an aspirin in her pocketbook.”  And all the men say, AMEN.
My mother was popular.  I took her to a speaking engagement and she was quite the star.  Several audiences members came to me after the speech and wanted their picture made.  I fluffed my hair only to be handed the camera to take a picture of them and my mother.
My mother took great care of herself.  Oh, yes; the all-important hair appointment.  Not even Hurricane Hugo would stop Eleanor from getting her hair done. Not even the winds of Hugo would make her hair move.  I always teased her that her hair had not moved since 1962– the year AquaNet was invented. My mother even planned Daddy’s funeral around her hair-do day.  Daddy always said that would happen.
Eleanor was sassy. Mama and I had a wreck during tomato season.  Oh, this is not good. Tootsie cooked an amazing noon meal and begged me to let Daddy eat first before we gave him the news.  Well, the cat left the bag and Daddy lost it.  He got mad at me and Mama, then flipped his plate upside down.  So much for Tootsie’s hard work.  When Daddy came in for supper, Mama had not moved the upside down mess from the kitchen table.  Daddy asked, “What is for supper?”  Mama replied, “The same thing you had for Dinner.”
Keep posted on more funny stories and great memories.  You can click on the link below for a sneak review! I would appreciate any mentions of my book on your email or Social Media sites!  Remember, the PEARL day is November 12, 2013

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