Bury Me With My Pearls: If Only the Old Kitchen Table Could Talk

I’m ecstatic that my book, Bury Me With My Pearls is now available in AUDIO! Best of all, I wanted to share with ya’ll that I personally read every word because you just can’t fake a Southern accent! If you want to know what you’re in store for when you listen to my full book (hint: a lot of laughter and a few tears) you can view the excerpt below which was ripped straight from the pages of Bury Me With My Pearls.
“The more this table ages, the better it looks,” said the salesperson when Thomas and I bought our kitchen table. Years later that statement would have more meaning than the aging of the wood.
I dusted the kitchen table and saw the words, “Daniel C. Herlong” imprinted in the grain of the wood. I remember that was the time when Thomas father’s, Daddy Big John, was teaching Holmes and Caroline how to write cursive. The lesson was obviously repeated several times. Now we have an indelible memory of my father-in-law’s signature to cherish.
To the right of the signature is another memory from another Herlong brother. Uncle Frank came to visit. If you have ever had a Frank Herlong visit you have a story. Uncle Frank shared his track career at Clemson University and used an oval place mat to simulate how he ran. By the time Uncle Frank finished running laps, we had an oval shape permanently marked in the wood.
If only the old kitchen table could talk, it would tell stories.”
Did you love this excerpt? Don’t forget to to download Bury Me With My Pearls on AUDIO and listen to a whole lot more.

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