One of the Greatest Gifts Given to Me; My Mother’s Sense of Humor.

My mother had an amazing sense of humor. I am so thankful since there are so many benefits to laughter and its therapeutic value. Laughter lowers blood sugar, helps us sleep better, boost immune system and improves our memory. One of the greatest gifts  given to me; my mother’s sense of humor. Here is an excerpt from my book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” #pearlsofwisdom

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Eleanor’s “Sunday School” Joke

My mother told me that she had planted funny notes and crazy things all over the house to make me laugh after she passed away.  Momma did not want me to stay in a state of grief long after she left this earth.
After three years, I finally began cleaning out closets and drawers.  There was one particular place that I dreaded opening, my mother’s personal drawer.
I saw her birthday list, some special cards from family that she treasured and unfulfilled doctor’s appointments. My eyes filled with tears. Then I saw the envelope in her hand writing, “Eleanor’s Sunday School Joke.”  This was my mother’s way of warning that this was not a Sunday school joke.
 There was a woman getting on a bus wearing a very tight skirt.  The woman could not lift her leg so reached back and unzipped her skirt.  She tried to lift her leg again with no success so she reached back and unzipped her skirt a little more. The line of people waiting made her nervous so she reached back and unzipped her skirt all the way down.  All of a sudden she felt these strong hands on her waist lift her to the top of the stairs of the bus. “How dare you be so fresh!’ she said to the man.  “Me, fresh!” he said sternly.  “You’ve unzipped my pants three times!”

And this is why my mother left me this funny joke; she wanted me to have a merry heart and so can you!  Share this funny story with those who need a good laugh and a merry heart.

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About Jane-

Humorist, Amazon “Best-Selling” author  of four books and professional singer, Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP, CPAE serves up her sweet tea wisdom and Southern Fried Humor while entertaining with her comedy and singing heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Spotify and Pandora.  Jane helps audiences confront negativity with grace and humor to increase performance and productivity as she did overcoming being labeled Dyslexic and other challenges. From the tomato fields of Johns Island, South Carolina to a Miss America runway and beyond, Jane’s funny original, Southern stories and award-winning singing helps audiences learn life-skills and the healing power of laughter when dealing with stressful issues thrown at their field of dreams. You will love this farm-girl’s Southern-style recipe for balancing your own personal journey with a sense of humor, hope and heaping helping of folksy wisdom.
Along with entertaining audiences from coast to coast, Jane has performed at the legendary Radio City Music Hall sharing the stage with well-known personalities such as; Colin Powell, Rudolph Giuliana, Charles Stanley and the late Charlton Heston.  Not bad for a Lowcountry farm girl!  As a humorist, author, parody writer and recording artist, Jane’s products and digital downloads are featured Amazon and iTunes.

Start today and develop a sense of humor for your mind, body and soul.

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