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Southern humorist Jane Jenkins Herlong shares her signature joy and humor in her upcoming (5th) book. SWEET TEA SECRETS FROM THE DEEP FRIED SOUTH: Sassy, Sacred, Southern Stories Filled with Hope and Humor (Tyndale House Publishers) will release March 8, 2022. 

“This book is both a celebration of, and an attempt to preserve, our Southern values,” shares Jane. “Now more than ever, we need to find the humor in our ways, and learn to laugh at ourselves. It’s also a venue for me to share a few over-the-top stories from my upbringing that can bring hope, healing, and a lot of laughter.”

SWEET TEA SECRETS FROM THE DEEP FRIED SOUTH shares fifty unusual but true faith-filled stories of growing up in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Whether you love Southern ways of life or find their ways strange and amusing, you’ll be entertained and inspired with warm Southern-fried hour and tried-and-true tips for attaining the best version of yourself.  This collection of stories address specific landmark events along with issues in a woman’s life, such s fitting into the coverers-dish church culture, sacred sisterhood,  sassy seasoned Southern women, and why so many people are drawn to beauty pageant competitions.

“I hope people are inspired by the book to take some of our Southern-isms and consider how they apply to our lives now. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to dream big. Embrace who you are and who you are becoming. Celebrate people who are different than you. These are secrets to make your life as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea!”

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In the South, we do love our pageant titles and beauty queens. 
In my new book, “Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep-Fried South,” I share the secrets of pageant competition. 
You will laugh and learn our beautiful southern ways and the magic of competition!