Prissy in a Wardrobe: My Perspective

There are some movie lines that will never die and some stories that will live on forever. Just say those quotable magic words from a poem, book, movie or song and you don’t need to say another word.  It is an “ah-ha” moment. It reminds me of that famous line from the movie Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” or Prissy in a wardrobe; my perspective.
If you ever watched the movie, “Dirty Dancing” you get the reference to “Baby,” Jennifer Gray’s character. But who, you may ask, is Prissy? Prissy is a cat who has quite an interesting tail…could not help myself.
Our Sunday School Class became acquainted with Prissy when fellow church member, Dan announced during prayer time, “Please pray for my Momma. She is having back surgery tomorrow.” “And,” Dan added, “please pray for me. I have to take care of Prissy, Momma’s obese cat. It can’t lick.” On further questioning, we were told that the only exercise Prissy gets is “moving her head back and forth to the feed bowl.” Dan unfortunately, without going into detail, had the unsightly task of “cat hygiene.” He decided while Momma was under the knife and recuperating, Prissy would go on a fast. The next Sunday, Dan announced that his Momma was doing well. After the recovery details were exchanged Dan paused. He knew we were waiting for the “rest of the story.” Then, with a twinkle in his eye, Dan continue with a proud grin saying, “ And, Prissy can lick.”
The years have gone by and Momma needed more surgery. Prissy is still on this earth but half the kitty since time does age even the beasts. The recent crisis is, on the eve of the surgery, Prissy took missing. Dan was on kitty patrol for at least two days. Finally the faint “Mee-ows” were heard. The wardrobe was opened to reveal Prissy who, by “accident,” was left in the wardrobe.
Dan thinks it was un-intentional but I have to wonder. Cats are very intelligent animals and NEVER forget. My theory is that Prissy remembered the fast and was not going to willingly participate. “Baby” was removed from the corner and Prissy, although hiding in the wardrobe, knew when it was time to escape her hiding place.
Both are good tactics: some people have to be rescued and some rescue themselves.

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