A Reminder: It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I tried to suppress my urge to smile during the funeral service for my mother’s dear friend, Helen Smoak. I sat in the beautiful St. Matthews Church in Charleston this past Sunday listening to Helen’s lovely daughter, Heidi, share her heart and humor. “I know who will be the first person to meet my mother at the pearly gates,” said Heidi. I already knew the answer. ”Mom will be greeted by Eleanor Jenkins who will escort her to the heavenly hair-do beauty shop.” My eyes glistened hearing my mother’s name mentioned. What a sweet moment!

My mother always took care of herself. From hairdos to heart caths, my mother was not only a faithful patron of beauty, she was a health diva, too.
This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and designed to remind all of us to be health divas. Remember to schedule your mammogram and don’t forget self-check examinations, too.
Included in my second book entitled, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us” is a picture with the caption, Take Care of Yourself. Being a female with Ta-Ta accessories reminds me of one of the twenty life-lessons I share in the book relating to having ta-tas.
Taking care of yourself should be a priority starting at the top of your head and end at the tips of your toes.
So ladies, don’t neglected your body, be a health diva and schedule your mammogram today. Pass it on!

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